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Bil-Bar Equipment in Nashotah, WI has a large inventory of lawn mowers from Gravely and Ariens for all your gardening and landscaping needs. Ariens and Gravely offers one of the best warranty programs in the business. We take trade –ins and have used inventory in stock at all times.

With a rich heritage of quality and power, Gravely lawn equipment has worked the American landscape since 1916. Core American values have guided Ariens company since its founding in 1933. When brands continue growing more reliable for that long, you can bet their products will stand up to your jobs.

Gravely and Ariens products are manufactured with great attention to detail. The confidence, passion, and pride that go into each piece of equipment can be recognized as soon as you start operating one. These companies are committed to building professional landscaping equipment to meet your high-performance expectations.

Our customers take great pride in their lawns, gardens, and landscaping. The lawn mowers we sell will make your work easier for years to come.

We work hard to help keep your equipment running in top shape. Our goal is to help protect your equipment and protect your investment for years to come.

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Call us today to learn about in-stock specials on lawn mowers from Gravely and Ariens! Have a mower that needs a bit of work? We can help you with lawn mower repair services.

We sell both residential and commercial!

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